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We're here to help you support your FIP patients.

At FIP Global CATS, we believe that veterinarians are critical to the success of successful FIP treatment.  In some countries the current unlicensed treatment situation however, vets are often left searching for reliable information. Our goal is to help provide that information, and support vets in caring for their FIP patients.

We encourage vets to join our FIP Global CATS Facebook group.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either in the group or by requesting assistance from one of our group admins for a private discussion.

We also provide many other services to the FIP community -- check them out below!

Vet Holding Cat

Information on administering FIP treatment for cat owners

A site with FIP treatment information designed with  veterinary professionals in mind.

Many FIP cat owners worry about discussing treatment with their vets -- let clients know you are "FIP Friendly"

The FIP Community Data and Testing Initiative - for collecting and sharing safety information about FIP treatment

Please support FIP research!

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