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We support research for a better tomorrow for FIP cats.

At FIP Global CATS, we believe that while it is great that there are now treatment options, we should not stop seeking better, legally available options as well as FIP prevention -- and in the meantime we should learn as much as possible from the treatments currently available.

We encourage researchers to join our FIP Global CATS Facebook group.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either in the group or by requesting assistance from one of our group admins for a private discussion. You can also email us at

Members of FIP Global CATS are actively involved in contributing to FIP research, and we aim to help researchers by providing access to data. 

We also actively raise money for FIP research -- we've raised over $27,000 for SOCK FIP to support FIP research at UC Davis since March of 2023!

Scientist Using Microscope

A site with FIP treatment information designed with  veterinary professionals in mind.

The FIP Community Data and Testing Initiative - for collecting and sharing safety information about FIP treatment

FIP Research Fundraising

We are currently working to raise money for FIP research at UC Davis and Colorado State University

Please support FIP research!

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