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Our Mission

Our Mission

Allied with veterinarians, researchers, and pet parents, FIP Global CATS (Community, Advocacy, Treatment, Support) aims to support and empower pet parents faced with a feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) diagnosis. We are committed to defeating FIP, advocating for change, advancing research, and sharing our passion—cats—not profit.

We do this by:

Supporting cat owners faced with a FIP diagnosis

Our Facebook support community of over 14,000 members provides emotional support along with counseling information on FIP and access to treatment options around the world.

We invite anyone interested in learning or being part of the support community, including vets and researchers to join -- you do not need to have an FIP cat to join.

Raising money for FIP Research

Although so much progress has been made, there is so much more to be done.  Continued research into FIP can help find new or improved treatments, improve diagnosis and testing options, and even prevent FIP altogether with a vaccine.

In 2023, we've already raised over $27,000 for SOCK FIP to fund FIP research at UC Davis!

Please join us in financially supporting FIP research!

Providing informational resources for veterinarians and cat owners

We provide informational resources for both cat owners and vets.

For cat owners we provide a guide -- --  that helps explain what to expect during FIP treatment, as well as how to talk to their vet about their treatment choices.

For veterinarians, we created -- a compendium of information on treatment protocols, research studies, links to clinical trials, and frequently asked questions.

Publishing product testing information and reported quality issues

Launched in June 2023, the purpose of FIP Safe - The FIP Community Data and Testing Initiative is to collect, manage, review, and present laboratory drug analysis results. Our goal is to collect data from independent testing laboratories and published study data and share the information widely to allow cat owners to make informed decisions for their pets, help veterinarians advise their clients, and improve the data available to researchers.

Connecting veterinarians and cat owners

Many FIP cats are diagnosed through ER veterinary hospitals and do not have established  vet relationships for their cat, complicating followup and monitoring. is a website allowing veterinarians to register as "FIP Friendly" to make it easier for cat owners seeking veterinary care to find a vet with experience with FIP diagnosis and treatment.

Collecting and publishing FIP treatment data

There is much to be learned about FIP treatment -- but since much of it happens outside of the usual veterinary circles, we must be "citizen scientists" and help to collect and share this data to further knowledge about FIP.

We believe that FIP is treatable.

We believe that research is the key to a future without FIP.

Join us in supporting FIP research at UC Davis through donations to SOCK FIP

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